B10, B7 biodiesel programmes to benefit smallholders

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The implementation of the biodiesel 10% blend (B10) programme for the transportation sector and the biodiesel 7% blend (B7) programme for the industrial sector will benefit smallholders, the Malaysian Biodiesel Association (MBA) said.

B10 is a mixture of 10% palm biodiesel with 90% petroleum diesel, while B7 is a blend of 7% palm biodiesel with 93% petroleum diesel.

MBA in a statement yesterday said the implementation of the biodiesel programmes would provide support to the price of crude palm oil which in turn would have a great impact on the lives of smallholders and have a multiplier effect on the national gross domestic product (GDP).

It said the biodiesel implementation would also put Malaysia at par with the national biodiesel mandates that are presently implemented in other countries around the globe, in particular countries that have a strong agricultural economy.

“Such countries that have progressively embarked on higher biodiesel blends include Indonesia (B20), the US (up to B10 in some states), Colombia (B10), Argentina (B10), Brazil (B8) and France (B8),” it said.

It added that the implementation of the B7 programme in the industrial sector would be another milestone in the Malaysian biodiesel programme, adding the association is looking forward to working closely with all the stakeholders in Malaysia to address all the techno-commercial details in the implementation of the biodiesel programmes nationwide. — Bernama

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